Our company provides exceptional and high-quality service for repair and restoration of your valuable antique lock mechanisms. We specialize in the replacement of antique locking devices and parts, making sure they are fit to provide reliable security for the next several decades. A lot of lock models are rare and have mechanical components that are now obsolete; indeed, many of the manufacturers seized to exist. Still, our specialists in antique devices can restore or repair any lock to museum quality with the care and attention to detail. Extensive knowledge of all kinds of locking mechanisms, practical skills in the restoration of antique lock models and over 20 years of experience allow us to provide a truly superb repair service.



We are well aware that many lock mechanisms bear historical significance and accordingly, the extreme care and mindfulness to little details in working with antique parts are required to avoid damage to the lock. If you are in possession of antique lock devices that need competent restoration or repair, then look no further than our qualified team of experts for a professional antique restoration service. We guarantee a complete fulfilment of our obligations and level of service up to the best standards in the industry.


We will repair or restore your lock using appropriate craftsmen techniques and skills, so you don’t have to worry about damage to complex antique mechanisms. If necessary, our key cutting workshop can produce new keys from an antique locking device in case of a loss of the original key. Our team regards a lock restoration process as a form of art which we have mastered. Give us a call today for a competent specialist in your area if you have a precious lock that requires refurbishment or is broken and you wish to get it back to the operational condition. We will gladly familiarize you with the main concepts and features that are keeping your home secure.


If you own an old home with an antique front door, you know it has a lot of history behind. You might be surprised by the fact of how many different people have entered the house through that door, and the sort of lives they may have led. With that in mind, it’s worth finding a trustworthy local locksmith for a lock replacement. The first question is whether you require a replacement or repair. If the issue is a sticky antique lock or a loose doorknob, then the best choice may be repairing the mechanism to save the original antique device. On the other hand, if a lock mechanism is severely damaged and your insurance company finds it unsuitable for security reasons, then your best bet is to entirely replace the locking device. On the bright side, there are numerous companies in the city that produce decent quality antique replicas, so you can preserve an authentic look and feel with increased protection of your home.


No matter the type of your lock, be it surface-mounted or mortice, it is in your best interests to get the assistance of a qualified locksmith for any kind of works. This is especially relevant in case of the mortice locking mechanisms, as it can be a challenge to remove them without damaging the door, not speaking of mechanical parts that fly off when they are opened. Such tasks are better to be left up to a professional, who has the right spare parts available on hand. Our locksmith will remove the locking device from your front door and perform diagnostics to determine the cause of the malfunction. As necessary, he will take apart the mechanism, get rid of any debris or dust, fix or change any damaged, missing or worn out parts, and lubricate all the moving components. Regardless of any complications, our specialist will ensure the correct operation of the locking mechanism. We will provide you with all the necessary operating instructions and tips to maintain your doors in proper working state and prolong their service life. You may ask any questions that interest you regarding the operation and design of your locking mechanisms.


If you own a property with old locking mechanisms, it can be quite difficult to replace or restore them. But thanks to our expertise, it’s a simple task. Whether you need to rebuild your locks or make a duplicate key which perfectly fits and matches the original copy, we can help. In addition, our experienced locksmiths can integrate high-security cylinders into the existing locking mechanisms for enhanced protection of your valuables. All our work is backed by a six-month warranty. There is no need to look further if you’re in search of the closest locksmith that is available 24/7. Please feel free to contact us at any time of the day to get a quote and detailed information for your home security.