Any lock installation on the doors of commercial property requires from the locksmith careful preparation and elaboration of details. First of all, business owners need to decide on the functions and features of the device, as well as on its purpose. Perhaps you want it installed on an entrance or interior door, or to make some furniture modules inaccessible to children and employees. Each lock has its own distinct physical dimensions and design. Some locks for interior doors of the business premises have a very small size in the form of a single handle. Installation of simple locking devices in an apartment or office may suit your needs, and there is no point in spending money on high-tech and programmable functions. We offer 24/7 commercial locksmith services for the residents of London and can be reached by phone at 0203 8851158. Our team deals with electronic, electromechanical, coded and other types of locking mechanisms.



It is difficult to imagine a door to a room that is not equipped with a lock. Everyone strives to protect their business, information and loved ones, so there are many different types of locking devices on the market. One of such devices is an electromechanical lock. This is a modern, reliable and, at the same time, a simple tool capable of providing a high level of security for commercial objects.


The electromechanical lock is a combination of a traditional locking mechanism and electronics that control the bolts. It can be opened using special key fobs, proximity-cards or remotely by transmitting a signal. From the inside, the lock is disengaged by pressing the mechanical exit button. The automation of such a device requires electricity to operate, so the opening is also possible with conventional mechanical keys.


Modern locking devices for business offices are available in a surface-mounted and mortise case, respectively, the installation of an electromechanical lock is possible on all types of doors. Such devices also differ in the principle of operation of the electronic part, which is responsible for the position of the crossbars (solenoid, motor, electric blocking). In addition, our locksmith can install Cisa electromechanical lock which provides for the possibility of connecting it to an intercom allowing you to remotely control the doors in a commercial building.


The installation of electromechanical locks is better to be entrusted to an experienced commercial locksmith as the safety of your business directly depends on the quality of the service. Most often, electronic type locking devices are used in commercial properties like warehouses and factories. But recently, the installation of an electromechanical lock on the gate of a private or summer house has been gaining popularity. Our locksmith company has a large selection of various models in stock to meet the security requirements of the most demanding customers. Let’s take a look at the procedure for mounting such a device:

  • First, our commercial locksmith examines the door to determine a suitable place for the lock and striker. The mechanism must be located in a solid area to avoid skewing or sagging. It is recommended that the distance between the lock and the strike plate is about 5 mm.
  • The second step is to mark spots for the fasteners. After that, holes for screws and a keyhole are drilled in the marked places; this requires a metal crown with a diameter of 30 mm.
  • Next, the locksmith installs locking mechanisms using the fasteners included in the set; depending on the type of door, standard fasteners may not fit. It is important to tighten all screws to the maximum right away; otherwise, they will weaken over time.
  • Power cable is connected after the installation of the mechanism. The length of the wire must be selected individually and is laid in a special box or corrugated pipe.
  • Finally, when the power is on, commercial locksmith performs a check of the device for correct operation. If the bolts fit too tightly into the holes of the striker plate or the automation is triggered every other time, it is necessary to correct installation errors or reinstall the lock, exactly following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Modern electromechanical locks for commercial buildings have several advantages, including:

  • High reliability and protection from adverse weather conditions.
  • Ability to open manually using mechanical keys in the case of a power outage.
  • Ability to connect to intercom systems and general alarms of the commercial objects.
  • Relatively low cost and durability.

If you have certain skills, patience and power tools, it is possible to install an electromechanical lock on your own. But in most cases it is easier, faster and more reliable to order this service from specialized commercial locksmith companies; doing so will ensure a trouble-free operation of the lock for many years. The company is engaged in the installation of all types of locks on any doors. Our experienced locksmith will complete the job quickly and efficiently without any damage to your property.