Our locksmith company provides a full range of complex services for lock repair in London. Qualifications of the craftsmen allow restoring the functionality of various mechanisms, including the latest lock models. We use modern tools to ensure that the integrity and appearance of the front door are not compromised. Repair experts offer only high-quality components which will restore the functionality of the door lock, increase its crypto protection, as well as resistance against mechanical and intellectual picking. Prompt and accurate service is the main criteria for evaluating the work of our craftsmen. We can be reached by phone day or night at 0203 8851158.



After several years of service, even a complex design door mechanism belonging to a high price category can fail. Below are the most common reasons for malfunctions or complete cessation of the functioning which call for repairing the lock:

  • Unprofessional installation of the product, when the requirements specified by the manufacturer are not met.
  • Poor-quality door assembly with distortions, inaccuracies, large gaps and other defects.
  • Operation of the lock in violation of the rules, as a result of which foreign objects got inside the mechanism;
  • Use of the mechanism in conditions of high humidity, significantly exceeding the permissible standards.
  • Attempts to repair the locking mechanism by unskilled workers with the opening of the case.
  • Use of low-quality components in the design of the mechanism.
  • Natural wear of parts during prolonged intensive operation of locking mechanisms; the service life of components directly depends on the quality of their manufacture.
  • Incompetent recoding of the mechanism.
  • Attempts to open the structure or the fact of breaking the lock as a result of mechanical stress.

In the event of a malfunction of the locking mechanism, it is often not necessary to purchase a new expensive product for replacement. The company’s specialists will analyze issues and perform a high-quality repair of mechanisms in London at a price that is significantly lower than the new model. At the same time, the aesthetic and protective properties of the structure will remain uncompromised, while the installation of a new lock may require expansion of the mounting space or drilling additional holes which lead to violations in the appearance and strength of the structure. It also takes time and extra money to buy a new product. Qualified restoration of the integrity and operability of the mechanism will allow the lock to function for a long time. It is advisable to use the services of professionals in the following cases:

  • Jamming of the lock.
  • Misalignment of the door.
  • Excessive force must be applied to activate the mechanism.
  • Difficulties turning the key.

Repair of locking mechanisms in metal structures, performed by specialists, saves customers time and money. It takes knowledge and practical experience to restore the mechanism to a functional state. In addition, many operations, including dismantling and disassembly of the case, can only be performed using a special tool. Attempts to deal with the situation on your own can have negative consequences such as a complete breakdown of the locking mechanism. We perform all operations according to the technology developed by the manufacturer to restore the functionality. Replacement of defective parts is carried out with original components, in this case, it is possible to guarantee adequate protection and resistance of the lock against picking. Our main advantages are the maximum speed of diagnostics, the absence of unnecessary noise and the accuracy of using the tool.


Restoration of the front door locking mechanism is always preceded by a thorough diagnosis of the malfunction. Extensive experience in work, as well as the use of modern equipment, allow us to accurately determine defective parts that prevent the proper functioning of the mechanism. Without eliminating the source of damage, it is impossible to guarantee the performance of the product during its further operation. An unprofessional approach to diagnosing faults can lead to additional damage, which ultimately results in the need to replace the entire lock.


The work to restore the functioning of the mechanism differs in the degree of complexity, depending on the results of diagnostics. Your case may require the replacement of the handle or cylinder. We can fix the mechanisms of various systems that are distinguished by design. Mechanisms of all models of both domestic and foreign brands are subject to repairs. Our qualifications allow us to guarantee the absence of the slightest chips, scratches and other defects on the door during and after the work.


The final cost of the service by the company’s specialists is calculated after diagnostics and identification of defective parts, as well as the causes of breakdowns. The degree of wear of spare parts, the complexity of the system and the type of mechanism also affect the price. You can get an estimate by contacting the manager and telling him about some design features of the product such as whether the door is made of plastic, wood or metal, the number of locking mechanisms, name and type of the lock (this information can be found in the documentation and on the markings on the end plate).


We have been specializing in the restoration and maintenance of locking mechanisms of various types for over 12 years. Therefore, the craftsmen have gained a lot of experience and are well versed in the structure and principle of functioning of all systems, which is very important for the competent restoration of locks. It is beneficial to use the services of professionals to save time and money. Our dispatch centre accepts calls at any time of the day, so you can count on us whenever you need help. We’ll gladly come out to you and take care of the situation.